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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

uh-oh...my minds working again..sorta. I was reading the TV while at the gym tonight and there was a guy on Dennis Millers show (I miss having cable sometimes BTW, just for the record) that made a statement that made me go "hmm". His comment was: "just as a house has walls, a nation should have borders". I'm not sure how I feel about this.
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Stacy turned 30 yesterday. This seems to be a bigger deal for me than it does for her. I have friends that are 30. I know, I will be 30 soon too. She seems so young. I seem so young. 16 year olds think I'm old--as I thought 30 year olds were old when I was 16.
I get excited about certain jazz shows on the radio, which happen to be on after NPR; I enjoy a nice glass of dry red wine; I feel more comfortable in heels than in clunky shoes; I have little desire to be extreme in appearance because I don't feel like I have to make any sort of statement other than I'm me; I'm happy with my life and where I am in it at this point, something I couldn't say at 16...I guess 30 might not be so bad?!
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I feel like I should blog something because I've the time and it's been a week...however, I've not much to say. I know, what a surprise...I've not had much to say for months now...how boring. I still check other peoples blogs periodically and they are boring too, so I don't feel THAT bad. I was talking about this the other day with one someone--does it seem that all/most of your friends go through the same or similar "seasonal stages" as you do? It seems to work this way for me--its odd, yet comforting.
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Monday, March 01, 2004