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Thursday, June 26, 2003

long time no blog...summer travels have been pretty smooth. Erika,Linnea and I headed off to Italy and hit Treste, Florence for Erikas B day and Milan where we caught up with Derek and Amy and then met up with the Jones' and Shannon in Switzerland at Bryce and Sams in Lausanne. We ate well in France but didnt hangout very long because we were all ready to get to Spain... and here we are!!!! I love Barcelona...love, love, love Barcelona. Yesterday went to see Gaudi's cathedral the sagrada familia. Its beyond words but I will say that it was amazing and unlike anything I have every seen or could have imagined. Very interested to find out more about him and his life and hope to see more of his work today. Im in a cyber cafe on La Rambla thinking of my friend Eulogia who I had been meeting for months to talk about what to see and do in the city once I got here. Spanish culture is calmer than Italian but still lively and full of color...reds and oranges. I swam in the mediterranian sea for the first time yesterday and ate tappas and sangria...is this my life? Great to see the group coming together again and more being added. We meet with Derek and Amy today who are having their one year anniversary, and Teresa from Austin is coming in today. Funny thing....Grace and robbie who are joining us for part of their honeymoon this summer, were staying at the same camp ground across from our tent unknown to them or us, and we just happened to run into them! we didnt expect to meet up with them until tomorrow. Im ready for the trail and out of time on the computer...will try to fill in more as I can. Hope all is well back there with friends and family.
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