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Saturday, May 24, 2003

my friend Susan from NC, just sent me an email about a word God gave her, "misfit ministry". i told her it made me smile first because whenever i hear the word "misfit" i think of "the misfits", as in glenn danzig, punk rock, and my teenage years. i was never too fond of them personally (the band) but many of my friends were. They (like most punk bands back then) represented youth, angst and those who really were "misfits". Ok, but now back to my point...I was thinking about the people that Jesus used as his apostles. They were young (some say John was 15 i think i remember reading somwhere), rebellious zealots, hated tax collectors, not societies elite by any means, all pretty much "misfits" to the norm of the times. Why was it he chose them instead of others? Jesus was a persuasive guy right? He could have had anyone he wanted to follow him with just a few miracles, a couple parables, and some good ol' Holy Spirit (not to mention that killer smile, ok, maybe thats just my fantasy confusing things) He could have convinced a few important pharisee or even some "normal" people that carried weight or clout that he was the son of God and that their salvation depended on belief in him and his teachings, right? Why didn't He; why instead did he pick a bunch of guys people wouldn't even think twice about, guys that today would be called "Lamers!"?
i think about myself and I look at the people that God has surrounded me with (lamers). I look even into portions of the larger body, and so many, if not all, would be considered "misfits" (sorry if this offends guys but look in the mirror!)
. But, I am now among Gods real movers and shakers in regards to Kingdom work and expansion. I think that God is able to mold and shape misfits easier than those who are consumed by maintaining societal standards. i know god loves those who do "fit" as well, and uses them also, but as far as pioneers and initiators, he seems to begin with those that have less baggage. God digs the misfits. Adopt a misfit today.
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its starting..i feel the build up...people are coming, plans are coming together, dates are being talked about, vehicles are being bought and passed around. Gods working. We had our pizza party last night in the new tabernacal to break it in. in the drive way,,,the neighbors already think we're nuts, why not?!
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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Derek has been blogging again..Preach it brother, and can I get an "AMEN!"--I sense some "GLORY"

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Deep thoughts produced while car shopping---So, today Andrew and I went out car shopping. A van for he and the family, and a car for me;never a fun experience but rewarding once you drive off in your new to you car.
It occured to me when he asked "what do you like", "what do you want"...that I did not know. I was looking to him (he knows about cars and I have no clue) to tell me what I should have. Of course, I want dependable, reliable, some personality..the standards--but what did I want, what did I really want? What was important to me?
Those of you who know me know that I'm a "go with the flow" kind of girl, pretty easy to get along with-- and not in the pushover, walk all over me sort of way. I just don't have strong opinions on things that some people do. Where to go, what movie to watch, what to do...I roll with whatever,as long as I like my company. And this has worked well for me. Lots of great and very diverse friendships, easy room mate situations in the past, I've been living with a family that has 5 young kids and I actually enjoy it here...believe me, Im easy! But, now the question is "why" do I do that and why am I that way? Is it a peacemaker mentality? Is it what I say it is,which is that I really just don't care? Or is it that I just don't know what I want or what I like and Im accustomed to just doing whatever someone else wants?
This may not make sense to you. Im brainstorming my issues for the public again, I've got to stop doing that...
So, I guess my identity issues are being dusted off again...don't like these lessons, they always seem to lead to something even deeper and more painful eventually.
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