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Saturday, May 10, 2003

Ok, I thought I would try this quiz stuff to be part of the "in " crowd. this is NOT me...other than the attractiveness and intriguing part that is! ;-) gambit
You are Gambit! You are a fierce fighter and a good friend to have.
Your preference for solitude and your
attractiveness make you very intriguing to
those you meet. Unfortunately, close
relationships are few and far between for you
because you often have trouble opening up to

Which X-Men character are you most like?
brought to you by Quizilla
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Happy belated birthday to Nathan and thanks for the invite to your party; I would have made it but I was...ummm, washing my hair (?) and couldn't get over in time because it takes too long to dry, yeah, thats it. Hope you had a great day and sorry I missed it.
Happy new marrage to Robbie and Grace and congrats from all of us here in Prague! Thailand and then Prague huh...can't wait to see you guys!
Happy early b-day to Kristina, hope you have a nice day and Bob takes you somewhere super special
and congratulations to Christine, my oldest childhood friend, who graduates from nursing school today and finally gets to enjoy some quality of life.
Last, but not least, Sasha, Czech friend and officed in The Peach as a Bible translator, has just tonight finished his disertation to complete his masters degree in Theology.
lots going on these days, lots of movement and changes.
posted by Jessica  # 4:30 PM
a little late in sending congratulations to Kristen and Joshua for the birth of their healthy and beautiful (from what I can tell by web pictures but I assume they are truthful) daughter. Love you guys and hope you are recovering and adjusting well.
posted by Jessica  # 4:21 PM
Im scared to even talk about this summer yet. Layers keep getting discussed daily and those who leap will not be disappointed. The more I find out about the pilgrim route in Spain (Santiago de camino) the more I think I see how everything is tied together (prague, italy(for shoes, its spiritually tied somehow don't you think?),spain, wabisabi england and concluding at Greenbelt the end of August. The whole summer will be a journey and there is teaching and training involved through experience. Just so there is no misunderstandings...this is not a structured mission trip, it's way loose and for those that are more independent;you can plug in or not at any point but are welcomed and invited to come hang and be part. If you know myself and/or my tribe here, you'll understand why I say this (imagine a lot of kids,artist types and big numbers of people). I'm waiting to hear back from a few people to see who is coming, so if you are getting a green light then email me and I'll fill you in on at least what Im thinking about as of today. Andrew has blogged more details about what's been talked about the last few days in regards to travel. He also has a picture of the new hampster babies born unexpectedly yesterday...very unexpected...we thought the parents were both girls! "this house has the annointing of multiplication"--Sasha
posted by Jessica  # 3:19 PM
Last nights dinner was incredible. Atmosphere, fabulous food, presentation, friendship...that's a basic summary of the night. I was spoiled last night like I have never been before by my friends Derek and Amy. Derek picked me up and brought me to their pad in the lil olive green Fiat bambido (its the smallest cutest car you have ever seen) that makes everyone on the road smile as you pass by them--smiles don't come easy in this country so thats saying something.
Amy had been working on this dinner for two days--roasting peppers, finding ingredients that took her literally all over town, and it was amazing. The whole night was choreographed as only Derek can do, with the right music, wine, flowers (the biggest and most exotic and enormous bouquet I have ever received) lighting, etc. and the food was prepared by Amy and looked and tasted like it was straight out of some gourmet cooking show.
The night was perfect and I truly felt loved and honored by my friends, but the best part was just sitting around and "being" with them.
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I'm in love today. Every once in a while (I wish it was more but you take what you can get huh?!) I get this overwhelming feeling of love...for pretty much everyone. I'm catching up on reading everyones blogs tonight and have been jolted. I have been thinking about all of the people that God has placed in my life and how each relationship is more revelation of who God is. Each person carries a different character trait of his and gives me a deeper love. Felt I should share. I miss you guys in TX right now...hope y'all are well!
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Friday, May 09, 2003

i have such good friends. derek and amy are making me feel like a rock star tonight--they are making a spicy dinner with costuming.
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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

I'm alive!
posted by Jessica  # 3:25 AM
Might be going to the Tatras in Slovakia today or tomorrow. I'm meeting with a girl from Spain once a week to talk about the Santiago pilgrimage in Spain which concludes on the 25 of July...I'm getting excited about traveling this summer. I'm in an internet cafe and cant elaborate much due to $$$...more later.
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