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Saturday, April 26, 2003

in this weekends movie marathon with the girls (ages 5,7 and 9), i've been trying to expand the girls standard movie choices (all things animated, cute and repetitive in content as well as number of times viewed) and get them to watch some of the old classics. ok, classics like 'beetlejuice' and the 'wizard of oz'--both of which were underappreciated and thought uneventful. during which generation did the witch from the wizard of oz stop having the terrifing effect on our youth like she did in my day as well as my parents? i used to have nightmares about the wicked witch of the west and i still to this day think of her from time to time and shiver (ok, don't tell anyone)...and these kids could care less and thought she was funny and not scary, i don't get it? I wasn't trying to scare them but i thought that since they were getting older and more mature, they were ready for the right of passage that all kids eventually get to go through, that is the witch from the wizard of oz. but instead...nothing, nada, boring and next please. does this say something about the stuff this generation is exposed to at an early age and the types of movies that are being made, or am i just getting old? i think i remember old people saying sentences about being old when i was a kid so maybe its that. i guess we're back to shrek, x men and little mermaid.
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this weekend debbie and andrew are in england, and samuel, derek and amy are in berlin; left in praha are the three princesses (elizabeth, abigail and hannah) and myself. so far, it has been a weekend of vegetables, cleanliness (other than a few hunderd ant carcasses from a small infestation problem that is in process of being remedied) and lots of movies. i can handle the calm around here but im ready to test out my travel legs again soon.
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a humbling experience trying to learn the Czech language. I've heard that its one of the top four hardest languages in the world and at this point, i believe it. debbie and andrew have hired a tutor to come in once a week to help the whole family and myself "learn". abigail, the almost fluent 7 yr old, has to translate and help most of us to keep up during the sessions. i met debbie and andrew over 2 years ago in a beginners Czech language class and i remember even then asking the question to myslef "am i ever going to get this language?" and my answer 2 years later is " most likely NOT!".
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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

dang I have a lot to say...I think I have been hitting the swiss coffee machine button too many times tonight. So before i forget...the beginning of June (I think the 3-5), Paris France (cheap airline tickets so i hear since many Americans are boycotting all things frence but thats silly and my opinion) for an event inspired by, and as a continuation of last summers event here in Prague and epicenter. It's called "avant garde" which is such a cool concept in itself and is being put together by a fellow by the name of matthew glock who was here last summer and is a way cool guy. I will have more info soon on this but I wanted to throw it out there for those that might want to start looking for tics. we'll be there and it sould be a good time. Good time to stock up on french wine (we hope to be driving a big newish autovan over) for all you guys that are coming to Prague CZ the end of June for the big party. oh, don't know about that and would like to? Drop me a line.
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Egrets...I know them, yes. Just had a momentary lapse of connection between the name and the creature that is the enchanting egret. I was thinking of something hairy and rodent like for some reason in connection to the name and about had my feeling hurt for no reason. Thanks Ted (whose link doesnt seem to work on my links but I'm working on this problem) and I love being connected to the alluring egret who also lives in the beautiful carolinas (amongst other warm places) and migrats long distances in the winter months!
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my oh my---sounds as if I have struck something here! Ok, so I'm glad that it's not just me who wants and sees need for this training/leadership development/theological/ministry...whatever you call it...thing! I have had a lot of responses to my question and promises for more details from others of what they would like to see happen in their ideal. Many responses led me to websites and computer based training (which I think is a good tool and should be utilized as well) but what I'm thinking (and many others) is more hands on.
Tell me what you think about when you hear "pilgrimage"?
how would it work if you had key people in various cities, all over the globe that would teach for a weekend or a week? a network with two 6 month advance schedules and the topics ranging from biblical exegesis and hermeneutics,to missiology ,to church history, to arts and worship, and and and...
we could do a fall season mainly the US ( I'm just brainstorning and dreaming so don't hold me accountable to this being in stone please) and a spring/summer season in Europe in conjuction with travel and connecting to things that are actually happening around various countries...ie a pilgrimage of sorts. I mean a traveling wabisabi!You connect in and out where you can, and leave when you have to throughout the whole thing. you could pick and choose which courses would fit into your ideal (time, distance, topic of discussion,etc.).This way you get a more well rounded, interactive experience that you custom build to your wants. You get community, you get out of your own, sometimes constricting and limiting, environment, and with God's will and hospitable hosts,you get it cheap? Cheap is the important part here I think for many of us. You pay for travel and we try to find floors, couches and some form of shelter and blanket and food.
When I was in Texas I met so many amazing people (and I don't say that lightly) from all over North America and beyond that had so much to offer as teachers and faciliators but had no outlet. I know people in Europe, people no one has ever heard of, that would blow your socks off (do people still say that or is it just my parents?). they have so much to teach and give and I'm not just talking book work and typical school stuff... I'm talking life experience, culture, wisdom and knowledge--in over abundance. The problem for these amazing people that i have met is that they don't know what our needs are. No clue what we want to learn and the problem with us is that we don't know what to tell them because we don't know what we want to know and learn. Lack of guidance? I say lets just jump in and figure it out as we go! What happens instead is that because of bad communication and the lack of knowing needs in this odd transition time in the church, they do nothing, we do nothing and then bitch and moan about it. Because of this...we miss out on some good stuff AND feel shafted on stuff that God has intended for us to have because he gave it to our elders to pass on, not hold onto.
Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, WE are the in between generation, the middle child. The generation before us went to seminary and got the training needed for that generation and the next generation will have it all figured out (ok, maybe a slight misconception but remains to be seen). Seminary was suitable, appropriate and needed for then but where are we getting our information, the information and training for NOW and for the future? What do we do when WE are the elders and have the responsiblity of teaching and sharing wisdom?Things are changing so rapidly in this "emerging", "postmodern context" whatever you call it, that by the time a book goes through all of the phases publishing goes through, its already dated and not current. So, in my humble opinion, books are not the cure all for this crisis. We need face time, in the trenches, talking to the people that are doing it now-- not just writing and talking about it. People have already moved on to the next thing that Gods doing and once again we are a few steps behind because we don't know about it. direction. Im ready to do something!!! Ok, I will be exiting my soap box for the moment. I'm sorry to rant on and on (and I apologize for run on sentences and bad spelling) but I feel with passion that somethikng is a brewing and needs to be done. I have been sitting on this for awhile hoping that it would go away but it just keeps coming back stronger and clearer. I have no idea what i'm talking about other than whats in my own head so please continue to send me your thoughts, ideas and opinions because I need help on this one. Ideas?
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1st- and most important, a couple of my friends sound to be having some difficult times and challenges so, if you would please take a few minutes and pray for kristin and joshua rudds still internal baby- who is trying to get out into the big bad world alittle too soon, as well as for kerry and diana sutton who seem to be having just an all around difficult time with jobs, health and life in general...I'm sure it would help and they would all really appreciate it. I would link their sites, but as you can tell...I'm still on a mac...darnit! so you can check them out to your right under the links portion of my site for more details.

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Monday, April 21, 2003

Ok, I know we're all busy with____(fill in the blank), BUT I really need some help. For you 20-30+ yr. old persons that feel they want training, theological knowledge, or whatever it might be that you may have thought about going to seminary for but won't cause you feel it's either not relevant or don't have the time or money (or all of the above)..will you please email me and give me an idea of what your ideal might look like if someone was to start something just for you that would be practical for your situation and/or desires.
Ok, why you ask? because your my friend and I asked you to! tell you more later
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what's an egret?
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Sunday, April 20, 2003

hey kristin...i love you!!!!
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another confirmation of my PC ness (and i dont mean politically correctness) instead of being a mac er...where are the fridgin icons on this thing to hyperlink on a post??? ok, i have added a few people from wabi that are blogging and have things to say. anita who everyone now knows and loves, teresa who i hope to know better when i get back to austin in november, jay who is the wika-wika cool kat dj,and ted who wanted to be recognized, as he should be, on fellow bloggers sites. sorry no hyperlinks cause i cant figure it out.
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happy easter!!! i have been a very slack blogger and emailer (as my grandmother and a few friends have made me aware of) and for that i apologize and offer the excuse that i'm a pc user as opposed to a mac user (macs are the only available at the moment) AND you pay more during the day for telephone rates than evenings here and i don't feel like it most of the time after 9 pm. SO, with that said...i hope to get the pc fixed soon and up and running. so, sorry to end on sucha emotional last entry and not post an update for a few days. in short, all is well and my head at present time is clear and happy and i just got back from a very nice easter bbq with some friends.
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