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Saturday, April 05, 2003

Teresa from Austin attended the wabi event and makes me smile. She's another example of the excitement that was stirred by the event and one of many that found out that they weren't alone out there as part of the body.
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Friday, April 04, 2003

Might I suggest checking out a few blog sites if you want to know more about wabiSABI, and in the mean time I do want to thank a lot of the people that really helped facilitate what God had planned over the course of the weekend.

Thanks to Shannon whose strength carried both of us many times through the planning process and who was such a friend and a trooper during some of the hardest times, Bob Craig and the BGCT for giving us and God room to work, thanks to Kerry and Diana who prepared a wonderful (and time consuming for them) dinner on Friday night that was incredible and also helped with decorations and detail planning. Thanks to Rick Diamond who got us thinking outside of the conference box and his assistant Stacy who keeps him organized enough to actually show up to coffee meetings. Thanks to Andrew who came in with a fresh perspective and helped the whole flow run much better than what we had envisioned-- it was really great to see him again after 7 months too. Thanks to "the English"(Andy and Bea, Cathers, Jen, Andrew "pinks", Simon, Abigail and Rob who all post to the thing about it who tolerated being called "the English" and for their help in transport, tea, room decor, manual labor in the hot sun and for the general loveliness that seems to trail whenever they decide to show up and joy that they carry where ever they seem to go. Robbie and Grace (who are soon to be married!) were huge helps and we have decided that we can never do an event again without the help and energy of Robbie; Thanks to Bob Carlton for his hard work, for his attention to details and that he sees the need for some structure (I've never met someone so tough looking that’s so sweet and so AR!) as well as his beautiful wife Kristina and manly Texan friend Chris ;-). Thank-you to rad Brad for being a wonderful cheerleader, Anita who was willing to go with Gods flow, for being herself and allowing God to mold her and use her art during the event, thanks to Nathan for filming with that way cool professional camera; thanks to Amy, Amy, Don and Brain, Dawn, Erika and Abigail for setting up amazing spaces n the 37th St. house. Joshua and Kristin you guys is da bomb for all the reasons you know of and more, Thanks to Doug for being the middle man at FBC and Debra for the use of her house and being the head of the clean up crew, and Lora for also providing clean up and a few beds John Berryhill you da man and thanks for jumping in and doing that stuff that Shannon and I couldn't. Thanks to Mark for doing what you do and for being as smart as you are! And Greg for being very prescent during the weekend even though I know his schedule keeps him very busy normally. Thanks to the music guys Tim, Mark and Jay (who im still trying to figure out that dream Jay!) Big Thanks to Travis of Highway Video for his way cool images and lugging that projector around for us. Thanks to all the others (some of which I apologize in advance for not giving props to if I left you out by accident) that came and made it a success and thanks to God for his active participation over the weekend and for abundant blessings. We had around 130 ppl who each played their part in why wabiSABI will be an event that will be remembered. Oh, BTW...I guess Shannon forgot how much time, work and energy went into planning this and as Andrew, Shannon and I we were chillin in the hot tub Sunday, barely able to hold our heads up from the exhaustion---they were already are talking about the follow up event that will be planned---IN SHEFFIELD, ENG in a few months!!! These apostlic types...shewwww let me catch my breath!
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Brad Sargent is now a blogger. Brad rocks and we were so glad that he came to wabiSABI--and that he brought a couple of his friends! If you know Brad you'll know what to expect from his blog posts but if you don't...you have been warned. His mind and personality are brilliant but it may take awhile to read and follow if you have an average IQ like myself!
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At the folks place again in the Carolinas--just came in from watching hundreds of surface mating carp in the creek off the dock. It's a loud process that involves a lot of violent thrusts and splashing and makes me glad to be a human as opposed to a fish.
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Monday, March 31, 2003

lots-o-happenings this weekend. I can say without any reserve that wabiSABI was a complete success. God was present and gave the blessings to its participants that He was so clearly promising. I want to recap the entire event but I'm thinking that 1) you had to be there to really get it and 2) it would take too long and if your attention span is anything like mine....

I guess in summary it was an event of encouragement, understanding,interpretation, and expression of the emerging, and personal identity in Christ. I'm still processing right now and will post more later on wabi. Right now I need to pack my bags to leave Texas tomorrow morning after a long 7 months in the states. That too will be a long post after quite a bit of processing occurs. All I can say at this point is "thank God for this graduation weekend"
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