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Saturday, March 29, 2003

Friday night was a success. At 3 o'clock this afternoon I was a bit nervous because we hadn't worked out a lot of the details that had slipped our minds earlier but it went off well. Revival tent on a ranch, huge bonfire, lots of twinkle lights, music and BBQ. Good mix of wabis and sabis and everyone seemed to mingle well. part 2 today
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Thursday, March 27, 2003

Stacy says it well: "I don't know what to think of Wabi Sabi, except to anticipate God. It seems very exciting. Like a Woodstock for pomo Jesus enthusiasts".
Hey, speaking of Stacy--if you ever get a chance...you need to see the "Last howl" which is an Austin cult classic. I was there for the original howling moment, and it was truly memorable...but the short loop that Nathan put together with Duran Duran's "Hungry like the wolf" in the background was something everyone should like to experience.
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Wabi Sabi is finally here. It's hard to believe actually; all the time and effort put in the last few months all led up to this one weekend. So far so good. Busy, but God has really released anxiety and stress and has replaced it with feelings of excitment and healthy anticipation.
Instead of this being an event that we put on and people come take and leave, its one of everyone coming, contributing something and actually being part of throughout the whole process. I don't think many "conferences" these days can make such claims.
Just to recap the week so far, we had a "retro 80's prom night" where all 15 of us were costumed up in salvation armies finest maroon taffeta and puffy shouldered see through tops, and tonight was a get together at Nathan and Amy Russell’s. Tomorrow is final set up of venues and then its party time. It should be an interestingly intense and wonderful weekend. Praying for God to really move, have freedom to be present, and release blessings on those who have made the journey.
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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

just read andrews blog or shannons if you want to know whats up round here. Busy, but great!
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