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Friday, March 21, 2003

Houston, long, car, intercontinental, driving, all day, complete--bed, now
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Thursday, March 20, 2003

Spent a lovely day with Derek, Amy and Jen (it's funny, when you hang around the English you start using words like "lovely", "cup-a-tea" and "bum" instead of "cool", "coffee", and "ass"). Had lunch at Texas French Bread and then hung out for a bit at the Chapman’s new swanky pad. We did a little shopping for the Jones kids on S. Congress and then headed to dinner (tough life huh?!). Ummm, Thai food. Thai food is actually the reason I wanted to blog tonight. I always forget how much I love it. I'm not a fan typically of most Asian cuisine, especially Chinese food but Thai is different. Tonight I realized why; Chinese flavors all melt into each other and taste very much the same. Thai is complex, like a more complicated wine. There are layers to the spice, the texture and the flavor. The spices don't jump right out at you but they are there and you eventually get to them. You enjoy the slight tingling of your tongue, the clearer sinuses and the warmness of your face instead of feeling like you are trying hard to endure something painful. Each bite takes you on a journey and at the end of the entire meal you are satisfied--not stuffed even though the portions are plentiful, but satisfied.
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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

the war has begun, 8:30pm Wednesday March 19, 2003 central time. pray for a quick resolve.
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think I see where my path is leading me. I have heard others stories of it just not giving you the feeling that it once did and therefore looking for the next quick fix. I am afraid ;-). This guy, the real live preacher is a great story teller.
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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Robbies getting married?! And in a little over a month...

I'm getting married!!! April 25 Evanjelical fellowship chapel jessup Road Cincinnati, Ohio. TO: NADYA GRACE COFFEY We have tenitive plans to live in cincinnati until further notice. hopefully moving to alaska or a place that Grace can practice midwifery. I appologise for the lack of notice but really we didn't know untill last week or so. Thankyou for all of your suport and hopefully we will see you soon in our travles. Heaps of love, Robby Cload

Congratulations Robbie and Grace. Hope we get to see ya before you get hitched?
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Monday, March 17, 2003

My friend, we will call her "e" to keep her anonymous ;-), writes this after FINALLY catching up on her friends blog sites...."however, i am making a few new rulings on blogging...1. never let your friends blog drunk and 2. only flattery is to be used before, during, or after the use of the name *e* or Queen e or e and 3. no more blogging before, during, or after shady circumstances (only to blog after completely processing through and finding no fault whatsoever in friends or friend's friends) oh and...make sure and let everyone know that all rules apply to all bloggers... love you ... mean it...."e"..............

Gee, I think they all know it now "e"! Love you too
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Today is a day of anxiety for all Americans as well as the rest of the world as we await the president’s address about the looming decision of war on Iraq. Until now it didn't seem real but today is different. Today you see it in people’s faces, you hear it in their voices and sense it in their very presence. It is finally very real and we are very alone. All the nations combined make the world a big place and we are much smaller all alone than I think we realize. This is scary territory. It's not one of those things that you can snub off and pretend you aren't effected by--and it's different than small politics that you can or can choose not to pay attention to with little difference--it effects every soul.

I'm angry but I think I might be misreading my emotions and what I truly feel is fear. I'm not ready to see innocent people die-- ours, theirs or any; it's just not fair or right. Is God in this? I'm not prepared for the repercussions that will happen once war is called. There will not be fair play; is there such thing as "fair play"? Are Americans really for this and how do we benefit from this? It seems ridiculous to me and when did we decide it was all right for an entire nation to play and accept a vigilante role in the world. Whats happened to the war on terrorism, where did it go?
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Sunday, March 16, 2003

For wabiSABI taste testing purposes only (of course!) we had to try out Threadgills gospel brunch this afternoon. They called it "thriller at the diller", I guess in honor of it being the last day of SXSW. They had 4 bands, both inside and outside, and the weather made it the perfect spring day. Got to meet Greg Adkins and James Bruce, which are two names that I have heard for a long time but never had the pleasure of meeting face to face until today.
We also picked up Jen Andrew from the airport which is one of our friends from Sheffield England. Upon dropping off the one bag that did actually make it, we headed off to the County Line for some good ol' Texas BBQ. It's fun to watch the English eat ribs with a knife and fork-- it's a very interesting approach and much cleaner I suppose. Oh, speaking of the English...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEA!!!!
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