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Saturday, March 01, 2003

Cool, Bruce has wife and daughter with purple hair! Can't wait for pics and I really can't wait to meet the rest of his crew in Prague this June. What a neat-o guy to not freak about families choice in hair color...if I give you MY dads number, maybe you could talk to him for me?!
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Happy Birthday to Stacy! Went out for Mexican tonight with the Austin gang and then "cosmic bowling"...good times. Derek and Amy are moving into a great new place today, and tomorrow Erika and Nathan are coming to town from Houston, and we are going to Stubbs gospel brunch in the morning...yummie church!
Martina is off to Ohio for the next few weeks with Robbie and Grace to continue on her US tour and to hopefully figure out where she wants to end up eventually. It looks as if she really may be able to become a nurse here in the states, she just needs to pick a place. OK, thats the update mostly. Oh, Shannon and I went out for swanky night (not to be confused for "Stanky night";-)) on Friday and had a fantastic dinner at this Italian place on Congress. Feeling spoiled and loving it!
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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

just spent hours looking at this goth site from Kerrys link and remembering the good ol' daze. What's really funny however is that reading through some of the profiles of "current goths"--nothing has changed from the scene and its been almost 10 years. I do miss some of the bands...I wish tapes were easier to transport around; that dates me huh?!
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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

New converts to the blogging craze...

she and he . Even though I don't know her well yet, she has been my inspiration for speaking out semi public on what God's been teaching me here recently. She has a lot of insight, wisdom and teaching because of her own personal struggles and healing. Check them out, and welcome to the wacko global circle you have now accepted membership to!
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wabiSABI is becoming so wabi-sabi...if you think about it, please pray for clarity and for everything to fall into place and take shape and form as is intended by a force much greater than Shannon and I.
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Back from a trip to CO for the weekend. All in all a nice weekend. 20 in. of snow on Saturday at Copper Mnt. and the skiing was amazing. This was the first snow I've seen all season- and then oddly enough, I came back to ice and snow in Austin??? In addition to alot-o-snow and "hangin wit my homies", there was also a wedding proposal (sadly, not mine but a friends), so congratulations to Allison and Terry.
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