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Saturday, February 01, 2003

lookie, lookie...my archives have returned... Im feeling more orange and hotpink these days and besides, I trashed my last template playing with fonts and colors with no clue what I was doing.
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Now this is a hot subject around here these days. This was written by Jeff Waldo in Houston and is an idea that Shannon and a few others decided was worthy of a pow wow on the 15th of Feb. >With theology degrees on the decline, creating vacant leadership which requires new funding streams we are faced with the question of how to fund missionaries, church planters, and pastors for the new style of church that is emerging. It is no secret that things are changing. One of the major changes is globalization. The borders in the world are not as visible as they were a decade ago. It is common for business networks of global partners to work together towards common solutions. In light of this, there are opportunities for missions to explore new models as well. There are opportunities for new partnerships between mission organizations. And now, there are opportunities for partnerships with mission organizations and business ventures that will allow mission efforts to be self-sustaining. As things change, new models can emerge. Now is the appropriate time to create a conversation that intends to advance and support the gospel for these days of change. We feel there is a need for a conversation to address the question in order to produce the results of a new funding system. We don’t want to just talk and think about this we want to do it. Our goal is to create a new tent making system that will fund 1,000 people in 5 years. > A pretty hefty goal, however I think it's obtainable if cleaver minds work together on this, and they are and will continue to I'm sure.
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Austin is such a great city. Coffee shops, freak stores and designer shops all along the same street. A seemingly happy balance of society status walks in between street kids and homeless men and women while on their way to the next meeting, appointment or social gathering. There’s pride in originality here and "corporation sucks" gets lodged in your brain after only a few days of experiencing Austin. You get caught up in the excitement but try to put your finger on why you are happy but can't figure out why. hey,..."keep Austin weird" because it works.
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Thursday, January 30, 2003

My moms test for MS came back negitive yesterday, thanks for your prayers. If there was anything good that could have come out of this scare its that I have a new, more intense appreciation and love for for my friends and family. Didn't know it was possible to feel anymore than I already did!
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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

A very interesting point has been made recently that I thought I was alone in feeling. We have few, and from my standpoint, no teachers or role models. Where is discipleship and mentoring within the emerging? We bitch and complain about the traditional church and how it doesn't work and how the structure sucks...but what are we doing, I mean REALLY doing? We have no one showing us or helping to guide or direct us, we just know that the old is fading and will die eventually. We need some Sabi's to learn from. Where are the wisdom people? Where are these people that are writing these books??? Can they mentor me? Come on, help a sista out!
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Continued from my last blog...So, my point to telling my pathetic story, which I have a hunch most people I know have a similar story, is because I realized the other day that I'm still looking up to "the popular" group and I don't want or need to. Today that group is what were the "nerds, freaks and geeks". You know who I mean, the brilliant theologians involved in the emerging. The ones that are popping out books and articles and when you say their names you hope you can follow it up with " I met him" or " I know him". Those guys that are speaking at conferences that us normal folks can't afford to go to, about that new thing that's happening, or that new idea or profound thought. (OK, you don't hear that one very often anymore). Listen, I’m being vulnerable here...I am very aware that I sound extremely uncool at the moment but I feel like I have to. It was my epiphany for the week because I realized I was acting like a teenager again. Now, don't get me wrong...these guys are, for the most part, needed. So are cheerleaders and jocks. They pump us up and get us excited about the big game. That doesn't mean that I have to be just like them, I guess that’s my point. I don't have to allow myself to feel inferior because someone is smarter than me or speaks with eloquence and can articulate a concise, brilliant point to a group and has the ability to make everyone around go "ahhhh" and "wow". This season in my life God is allowing me to value myself and to really discover my worth. He really digs me and has given me some amazing gifts that I'm just recently willing to admit that I possess. And the best part is, He's teaching me how to use them!
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When I was in 7th grade I went to jr. high the first day and waited in what was referred to as the mall before entering into homeroom. As I looked around I realized there were groups of kids hanging out together in pockets and everyone had friends that looked similar to themselves, dressed similar to themselves, behaved similar, and I was sitting there, alone. I watched and thought about whether it was possible for all of these other kids to have had a pre Jr. high meeting during the summer to determine who was going to be part of which clique, because up till this point my only experience of social status was in elementary school where black, white, rich, poor, all had the same class and or the most part, we were all friends. I spent the next few years trying to fit in the clique that I thought everyone was aspiring to be part of...the "popular group". You know who they are...the ones with the nice Outback Red shirts, the newest gasoline jeans (Ok, this dates me, I know), and the Dad's with the bulging wallets and they weren't afraid to use it. Needless to say, no matter how hard I tried, that wasn't the group for me, I didn't fit...I couldn't afford to hang but I didn't know anything else.
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Monday, January 27, 2003

going to bed, none of my bloggin buddies have blogged in the last week or so, so nothing to inspire me to stay up further... I guess that means I need a life if thats really what I'm still up for huh?!
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Went to Mosaic tonight to check out their service here in Austin.... very cool. Comfortable contemplative space without the pressures of having to "perform” church. There were stations set up for the start of worship...one station had a table with journals to read or write in, one station had a sand box to play in, another was an art table to draw or color, and another had two buckets of dirt outside to put your hands in before entering in the arched confessional prayer room. Inside this room you find a pitcher of water and basin where you can wash the dirt of our lives off your hands. Next week they begin a graffiti wall...what's this???A church that people want to hang out in that encourages artists and creative types as well as those looking for a meditation think and explore space??? Fab! Well done, although I guess the Super Bowl kept a lot at home.
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