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Saturday, December 14, 2002

Went on the 4th ward (downtown Charlotte) holiday home tour tonight. Many creative decorators and designers in this district and I love the way many of them incorporated various art mediums and artists work into their homes. I know that God has called me into another way of life but it was fun dreaming of what my "dream home"could look like tonight. The best part was that I was able to play with my lomo from the "varanda" (spoken in a vary sultry tone with my palm up as I say it) of some of these mega buck palaces into the downtown Charlotte skyline. Martina and I had an interesting conversation with my Grandparents afterwards(mainly Martina and Grandpa) about "the six blind men and the elephant". My grandpartents are in a place of being anti-church(actually they are very disillusioned with the traditional church and where it has come from and what it is telling us to believe is limiting) and are searching for truth in areas that we as Christians are typically afraid to look even in the direction of (say, east). My grandfather basically builds his personal philosophy of truth and belief system on this books lesson. In gereral, it says that we all hold a part of the truth but we only hold one body part of the elephant within our grasp. We don't see or want to see what other parts make up the fullness of the entire animal and therefore, what we hold is incomplete. He believes in our need to be receptive of what other religions have to offer in the ways of teaching, something that is easier said than actually done in practice...trust me I have tried and been tested in this area. So, again, we are constantly being stretched in areas and from people that you never would have expected it to come from. We are going to a predominatly black gospel church tomorrow morning...am I ever going to get a Sunday morning off from church in the near future???I miss brunch and sleeping in (this is said in a bratish tone from someone who is in need of sleep)!
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Why is it I must remind myself every few months why I don't go out to dance clubs?? Martina and I are staying in downtown Charlotte tonight and tomorrow.
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Sunday, December 08, 2002

Today is Sunday and I checked out Rick Joyners church here in Charlotte called Morning Star. My Mom, Martina and I went together and my uncle, his wife and two sons ended up coming for the first time as well. Its one of the first Charismatic services that I've attended of that magnitude. I will give it up for them, they usher in the Spirit fast and fierce and it is THICK. God indeed loves that church and they love Him in return. He is working on me in some areas that were touched today and as much as I fought showing it, I knew I had to give up control and wept like a baby. There have been only a few times so far in my life when I really have felt God wanting to communicate His love for me in such an obvious manner as He did today...it was in such a fatherly way and beyond words of explanation of how it touched me, in fact almost overwhelmingly so. Mike Warnkey was the speaker/author today at Morning Star. His message was loosely about Joel 3:12 and Gods Judgment on all nations beyond geographic boarders. Mike is an amusing storyteller and captured the audiences attention, I liked his style. Ironicly he was speaking about Gods unconditional love for us and His desire for us to know Him. "You can't make God stop loving you because you never had anything to do with Him starting" was something said that was as clever motto for one local church's weekly service ending. Also discussed, the word salvation and what it truly means, away from what we have made it to be. Plus, the simplicity of what God wants for us and how simple it really is to accomplish but fear is what stands between Him and us. Fear is our worldly weapon provided by the enemy in large part to keep God at arms length. Good stuff, but the highlight of the 2.5 hour service ( I think that was the part that turned off my family) was that rush of Him that is more potent and addictive than any drug...dang thats good, needed that.
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Can someone please explain to me where all of my archives have gone? You know, for Andrew Jones to be the blogger guru, and me to be his PA, you would think that I would be able to understand or be given guidance on setting this bugger up so that I can finally stop complaining about it, huh?!
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