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Saturday, November 30, 2002

yesterday used to be my least favorite day of the year..."the day after thanksgiving, the busiest shopping day of the year" ex-retail managers often say that and believe me, I meant it. I did, however, decide to tough out the crowds at the mall, not to laugh at the misery and suffering that I knew the workers of Nine west, Gap and The Limited were enduring. Not to remind myself of how lucky I am to have broken the shackles of retail manager hell ...but because my oldest friend that I have in the world that I have known since 2nd grade, Christine, asked me to. She is so busy with her life that includes being a wife, a final year nursing student and works tending bar 4 nights a week until around 3-4 am...that between that and the fact that I don't live here anymore and am also constantly on the go....we are lucky to keep up with e-mail once a month or so. Even with all of that, there is something so special about having your childhood friend still in your life. We stayed up for hours last night looking over Jr. high and highschool yearbooks. Anyone, other than the two of us, would have been bored to tears having to hear about all the memories, stories and crushes through out the years. For me, it was amazingly wonderful. I was reminded of things I hadn't thought about in so long... It was like being in highschool again. I even got the same feeling in the pit of my stomach when I looked at Brandon Wilders picture after all these years! Hubba hubba...I became a giddy girl once again. I hope we get a chance to get together again soon...there is talk of next friday being a night out downtown for the girls (martina will be here), we will see.
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Thursday, November 28, 2002

Happy Thanksgiving! My favorite family holiday...no pressure to buy anything or go anywhere (have them come to your place!), eat well and basically veg all day. We had 22 people here and ended the day down at the fire pit making smores and watching a glowing deer in pitch dark off of my folks dock (ask me later and I will tell you). The Austin crew all headed to Erikas parents in Houston for the day and called me tonight to pull on my heart cord. I love you guys and miss you too!!! Thankful for such a great day!
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Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Ok, settled in at last...over the hair issue...I love it and feel like a rock star, don't care about family reactions, its been many colors over the years and this shouldn't be such a shock (mom says I look like our old guinea pigs but whatever, and besides, its always flattering to get grandma to tell you that you are beautiful, even with that hair!!) What a life I have if this is really my main concern, right?! Today has been a strange but good day. Mom and I have been preparing early thanksgiving arrangements. Good mother daughter conversation, mainly about her job (she's a librarian...which believe it or not is anything but boring) and her second struggle in life, which is their church. She and my dad are members of a very small Methodist church and somehow have become part of the main leadership. You want to talk about a church that’s about to fall...here tis'...minister leads everything and has now gone to part time because the church can not afford to pay his salary anymore, the leaders of the church are spinning their wheels and don't communicate with one another and, of course, are feeling overworked and under appreciated (about to burnout and are not willing to volunteer anymore), my dad now has been elected for a position that, to put it nicely, does not suit his talents and gifting, and finally and most important...the entire congregation is needy. They all seem to have major issues of some sort but no one is willing to help each other. There is no sense of community...its a pastor gives, people take, people take, people take and give nothing in return situation. I know, that was a long sentence; just imagine it was one long breath. Unfortunately, that was a condensed version of what I had to hear today. It’s frustrating to me. It’s the worst kind of unhealthy dependency because it looks so innocent on the outside. So "normal". Why do I hear these stories more than happy, perfect church stories?! I’m not slamming the traditional church, its not just them...its house churches, pub churches, apt. Churches, cell churches, churches that don't even want to call themselves churches. It starts out fine and then...what happens?! God likes change...I’m VERY aware of that but why does it have to be so messy, in His house of all places?! From the beginning of the early church it has been this way. Is this our doing alone or does he push us there a bit? More random thoughts if an overly tired 28 year old that is once again procrastinating doing work that she is supposed to do and then crawling into bed her bed which is calling her name...yea baby, expect an edit in the morning! Oh, BTW, this blog site needs to 1) get changed to a new, better template and 2) I have make myself sit here long enough to figure out how to add cool stuff on here or even just the basics..which means html!! Do it..This is a friendly reminder from yourself
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Sunday, November 24, 2002

Home in the Carolinas today for a few weeks...has started out a bit rocky. Comments on my hair before even a initial greeting. Feeling a little sensitive and unsure about the next few weeks. In need of a heavy dose of His Spirit.
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