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Thursday, November 21, 2002

Wow...this week has flown by. Today we did took the "country route" of Texas. Headed to Bandera, which is the cowboy capital of the world, and ended up at Shannon’s mom's cottage eventually, which was our final destination. You forget how big Texas is sometimes until you try to get anywhere. The cottage is truly in the middle of nowhere, and it is amazing. Its well worth the drive once you get to this peaceful place in the hill country of Texas. It’s right by a flowing river, and there is nothing around for miles and miles except you and your thoughts. The main reason for the trip was to show Andrew around on his last official day in Texas, as well as to pick up a car for Derek and Amy to drive around in while they are here in Austin. They made it, and it sounds as if they will be about for a bit!!! My worlds are meeting, as it has always seemed they were connected in some form or fashion (Prague meets Austin/Texas), and I know it will be an amazing time the next few months. The Spirit they carry is thick, plentiful and contagious. The excitement that they bring will encourage the fires that have already begun igniting. I bid a fond farewell to our friend Andrew as he leaves to travel the west coast tomorrow. We have given him a bit of a hard time (all WELL deserved, mind you), however, it has all been in fun, and I think I'm speaking for us all when I say that we really enjoyed getting to know him better and we wish him the best...starting with how to lose that weird accent and pick up more of a southern drawl ;-) Seriously, it’s been cool and I look forward to hopefully seeing him in March for Wabi-Sabi. Really don't feel like packing so I think I will throw everything in a suitcase in the morning before our meeting with Rick.
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Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Nice day...70 degrees, got a stock job to make some extra moola which I begin after I return back to Austin around the 10th of Dec., Robbie made it safely after driving alone all the way from OH in one shot, the whole gang of us (9 in total and growing daily) ate dinner at Shannons and then headed out to Spiderhouse, where we broke into a spontanious game of Cherades (sp?)...yes, I know, but don't knock it till you try it! I laughed so hard...my stomach still hurts. British humor and American are vastly different. The English have a dry wit about themselves and Americans are much more obvious. The English way is more my style because I understand it better most of the time and its pretty consistant...its constant actually. I've never been the American that can cut up and tell jokes well unfortunately, most of my American friends ARE that way so I always seem to look more like the "serious one" I guess, even though I can appreciate the humor most of the time. Shannon took "pink cheeks" to San Antonio today to see the Alamo and the Riverwalk...I wanted to play too but couldn't because I had an interview...Responsibility, not much fun now is it?! Tomorrow should be another good day. We are all dressing up in our best 80's wear and heading to a hockey game to watch Sheltons team. I will take pictures and try to figure out how to post them on here. Big bangs, oversized sweatshirts with leggings and scrunch socks (two pair at least, that both match my sweatshirt) are in order I say. Hey, if I can find a pair of lace fingerless gloves to go along with the get up...I very well could be "the bomb"( actually, I think thats a 90's thing, oh well)..."psyche yo brain". OK, I'm getting lupie now...off to bed before I scare myself with more random 80's attire ideas, most of which I placed way back in the depths of my memory years ago, in hopes of losing.
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Monday, November 18, 2002

Last week in Austin before heading back to the Carolinas for a few weeks. My friend Martina flies in from Prague to Charlotte on the 2nd of Dec. and we are going to drive back to Texas from there around the 10th. This week should be great...Andrew is coming to hang out from England, Erika is here from Houston and Robbie is coming from Ohio. It's like another mini reunion with people that really connected this past summer at the conference/Epicentrum event in Prague. And last nights rumor has it that my friends Derek and Amy Chapman, whose marrage was part of the event, are to fly into Dallas tonight and will be able to join the party too at some point. God choreographed??
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ummm....Stubb's gospel brunch. Gospel music and a yummie buffet...and the best part is it's brunch...I love brunch. It, by far, is my favorite meal. It just makes you feel a certain way. Warm and fuzzy and you still get to sleep in while not missing out on breakfast food. Texans don't call themselves part of the south, they are "Texans" (they also have a t-shirt that has a picture of the country and Texas is enlarged to engulf 3/4 of all of the US...the caption reads "Texas, and it's other 49 states) but they did have grits at this buffet, which is a southern "must have". Being a southern girl myself from NC, I speak for us all when I say that if you serve grits, you ARE part of the south. I was also able to try Texas BBQ finally. It was pretty good, although I do have to suggest that you try NC BBQ...I will say no more because I don't want to give off the wrong impression...I love Texas and Austin is unlike any city I have ever experienced. There is pride and hospitality here unlike anywhere else in the world. My friend Derek always brings up the word "abundance" when talking about Texas, and it's so true in any and all aspects. Don't mess with Texas! Where else can you find a real Gospel group performing, while you eat brunch, in a rustic old building that mixes wood and leopard print (and it works)other than Austin?? Stubb's may very well be my new Sunday church...I got everything that makes a good church for me and I actually liked going! The music was amazing and the Spirit thick and soulful. OK, off to bed...it's way late and we have to go to Dallas to pick up our friend Andrew thats here from Sheffield England. We leave at 6am...yuck! ps- went to see "8 mile" with Shannon and Shelton today after brunch...very good. Eminem does a good job and I really got into it.
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